A brief introduction

our company,
Blo Creative Agency

Blo Creative is a collective design agency focusing it's decade of talent on Brand Identities, Digital Experiences and Creative Content.

We consider us to be

at the heart of design.

We change our approach for every project to ensure the best possible outcome. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in a creative field. Every client is unique. And so are the processes.

We have won some awards, too

Every single one was awarded by some of our competitors.

See all awards & honors
See all awards & honors

We believe
that success is made by design.

And that's why we:

Adapt our services and approach to the particular problem we're solving.


Make sure that our design choices are bound to a strategy.


Carefully audit every project and interview the stakeholders before making any decisions.


Use iteration cycles in our design process to ensure the best possible outcome.

This all is done to ensure that you:

Can achieve growth with us.


Can rest assured you get the best possible outcome with us.


Your story will be seen, heard and understood by your relevant audience demographic.


Gain a competitive advantage.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Get yourself a distinctive and memorable brand identities that give you a competitive edge.



Outsource your creative content creation and save yourself time for things that matter the most.

On-demand DesignTM

On-demand DesignTM

Get high-end design & art assets delivered on time right when you need them.


Lauri Keinänen

Founder + Designer

Anni Roivas

Copywriting + Concepts

Jani Valkonen

Business + Advisor