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Beyond Existence

Our Vision

“To see the world as a more beautiful, more simplified and more open-minded through artistic freedom and creativity.”

Currently, the world is cluttered with noise and complexity. In a modern connected world it is difficult to be seen, heard and understood. Navigating the connected world has never been more complex than it is today.

We as artists, designers and creatives have the responsibility to simplify the messages, to clarify the underlying meanings and to de-noise the world. We see the modern world in the year million to be beautiful, simplified and open-minded where artistic freedom and creativity is the trendsetter.

Our Mission

“To help brands and businesses to be seen and heard.”

This statement defines what Blo Creative is in a day-to-day business life. We want to help other brands and businesses to prosper, to differentiate, to find the edge, to look beautiful.

We want every artistic expression to be based on a strategy, whether it’s a pre-formed business- or brand strategy, or one developed by the Blo Creative Agency for the end-customer.

We won’t take part in beauty competitions, where design and artistic expressions are based on a purely subjective opinions. It serves no purpose for the end-customer.

We want to evoke emotions that matter and have a positive impact to society.

Driven by our values daily practices.

Amazing results and long lasting, meaningful relationships don't just happen. They are crafted through daily actions and principles. This is how we do our business.



Build strong and long-lasting relationships based on honesty.



Be kind to others. You never know what someone is going through.



Respect other people and the nature we live alongside of.



The freedom to self-express and work in any way that fits the best for you.



Seek growth as an individual and as a team member.



Do and say more with less.



Making mistakes is OK. That’s how we learn.



Embrace life-long learning. Learn to love the journey, not the destination.

Doing beautiful things while making things look beautiful.

As a company, and individuals, we want to see the world as a more sustainable and beautiful place. Planting trees with our partners around the world is one way to achieve that.


Nations supported.


Trees planted.


Tonnes of CO2 captured.

Did you relate?

We could be a match then! We are looking for experienced freelance and paid talents in the following disciplines:

- Motion Design
- Graphic Design
- Art Direction
- Illustrating
- Copywriting
- Social Media Content
- UI/UX Design
- Photography / Videography

Join the flock
Join the flock